International Business


Studying an International Business major at Sydney will provide you with the knowledge and skills relevant to the development, strategy and management of international business organisations and the institutional context for their development, growth and operation. There will be a strong emphasis throughout the units of study on cultural understanding and comparing how business works in Australia with other countries in the Asian region and beyond. In addition, there is the opportunity to focus on entrepreneurship skills in an international business context.

The honours year

The International Business honours program has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is directed towards the development of the analytical and conceptual skills required to conduct independent research in the field. Those pursuing honours from this angle may be interested in postgraduate study and an academic career, or work as a research analyst in either the private or public sector. On the other hand, it also builds on and further develops the practical management skills acquired in the International Business major program. From this perspective, the final honours year adds value to an undergraduate degree and can lead to a range of opportunities in private firms, NGOs, international agencies, and government departments.

Workload and assessment

The honours program in International Business comprises four 12 credit point units of study (BUSS4000, BUSS4001, BUSS4002, BUSS4003 and BUSS4004) designed to prepare students for their thesis planning and execution. Students must produce a 15-20,000 word thesis on a selected topic (supervised).

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