Contemporary Music


The Bachelor of Music Studies (Contemporary Music) is degree designed for musical students interested in being guitarists, bass players, drummers, vocalists, DJs, turntabalists, laptop musicians, keyboard players, electronic music producers and song writers. You will have access to a broad and diverse array of musical practitioners and educators who will enable you to extend your current capability to a professional level. The degree will guide you as you produce exciting, novel, intelligent and thoughtful music in a context where you will experience contemporary music making, working with music industry professionals, learning from serious music historians, and rubbing shoulders with student musicians of exceptional calibre.

Study plan

The Bachelor of Music Studies may be undertaken full-time over three years or part-time over six years. Full-time students enrol in junior units of study with a maximum 48 credit points (cp) during first year. The course is structured to allow students flexibility in their choice of units so they may pursue their own combinations of musical and non-musical disciplines. Students may choose units of study (up to 28cp in total value) taught at another faculty of the University of Sydney or take units of study taught only within the Conservatorium. All students complete principal study in an instrument, voice, composition or musicology.

There are five compulsory core studies in which students must complete a minimum number of credit points (depending on their major study): principal study (36cp), studies in analysis, history and culture (30cp), music skills (24cp), performance, composition and/or musicology related studies, and teaching music (3cp).

Graduate opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor of Music Studies are broadly educated musicians able to apply their knowledge, skills and attitudes creatively and flexibly in a variety of music and music-related professions.

Further study for major

The Bachelor of Music Studies with Honours comprises a widely recognised and highly regarded study program offering a unique opportunity for students to explore their research potential with an independent project supervised by one or more internationally recognised musicians. Completing a music degree with honours opens the door to many employment and research opportunities. For detailed advice see the Bachelor of Music Studies (Honours).

Related subject areas

Brass, Early Music, Jazz Performance, Percussion, Strings, Voice, Woodwind, Musicology, Composition

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