Critical Studies


You have the option of completing a second major in Critical Studies. Critical Studies provides you with the theoretical concepts and historical context you need for an in-depth understanding of contemporary art practice. Critical Studies immerses you in current themes and debates in contemporary art, exposing you to artists’ practices. It will give you the analytical tools you need to inform your practice, make sense of the artworld, and to develop your critical voice. You will undertake research, discuss and argue in seminars and online forums, visit and review exhibitions, write catalogue and other analytical essays. You will be encouraged to apply these critical skills to your own work and to that of other artists, writers, and curators.

Study plan

First year is a mixture of interdisciplinary subjects that introduce you to the various definitions and notions that constitute contemporary art. From second year you undertake a 12-credit point unit of study in a selected major—painting, photomedia, screen arts, sculpture, printmedia or jewellery and object—each semester. To complete a second major in Critical Studies you are also required to complete two 6-credit point critical studies units each semester from second year on.

Graduate opportunities

By completing a second major in Critical Studies, graduates can establish careers in a variety of arts professions, including in contemporary art curating, art criticism, arts management, and art education (with additional postgraduate qualifications). A second major in Critical Studies also gives students a distinct advantage when applying for postgraduate degrees in Fine Arts and related fields such as Museum Studies and Art Curating, for it provides students with high level analytical, research and writing skills in art history and theory.

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