Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI)


Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI) addresses the language of three-dimensional space not only through the exploration of materials, objects and processes, but also through the relationship between the body and its spatial surrounds.
The Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI) studio encourages a range of approaches in the making of art. This includes site-specific, institutional critique, and ephemeral work. Technical processes central to the history of sculpture such as casting, carving, welding, and assemblage are also supported. The heritage of conceptual art is a fundamental consideration of the studio. You are encouraged to include video in your spatial explorations, either as a medium in its own right, or as a tool for documenting sculpture, installation and performance work.

Study plan

First year is a mixture of interdisciplinary and studio-specific units of study. From second year on students undertake a 12-credit point film and digital art studio major each semester. The major study is combined with a 3-credit point elective to enable you to further tailor your study to desired outcomes. You are also required to complete 3-credit point studio theory in media arts and a 6-credit point theoretical enquiry unit each semester.

Graduate opportunities

Sculpture, performance and installation graduates become practicing artists, including painters, printmakers and sculptors. They also establish careers in a wide range of art, design and culture related fields including: art education, arts administration, arts writing, curating, set and exhibition design, public art, product design, film, video production and post-production.

Further study for major

Eligible students may apply for admission to the Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) or postgraduate coursework study in studio art. Honours graduates are eligible to pursue a higher degree by research.

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