The Accounting specialisation equips students with an advanced level of understanding of the issues and practices related to an ever-changing global environment. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to the legal environment of business, with extensive attention paid to contract, corporations and property law. The course examines key issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, as well as international bank management, and provides students with the necessary resources for interpretation, reporting, prediction, and assessment in the public and private financial sectors. With its emphasis on risk assessment and management, an accounting specialisation at the postgraduate level qualifies students in the development of modern financial theory and its application to financial decision-making.

Study plan

To meet requirements for this specialisation in the Master's degree, a candidate completes five units of study (30 credit points), comprising:
(i) one six credit point foundational unit of study as follows: ACCT5001 Accounting Principles; and
(ii) four elective units of study (24 credit points) selected from the available elective options listed in the University of Sydney Business School handbook.

Graduate opportunities

A career at a challenging level of professional accounting is simply one option available to graduates with this prestigious qualification. A postgraduate specialisation in Accounting opens up a world of exciting possibilities for the ambitious student in further research as well as the global financial sector.



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