Management is the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of organisational members and using resources inside and outside the organisation to achieve set objectives. A Management major draws on subjects from a number of disciplines in the faculty and develops a sound understanding of managing the internal processes of organisations and the relationship between organisations and their environments.

Major outline

For a major in Management students you must complete:

(1) one junior unit of study (six credit points) from the University of Sydney Business School

(2) three compulsory senior units of study (18 credit points):

(3) three senior Management elective units of study (18 credit points) selected from the available elective options listed in the University of Sydney Business School (Undergraduate) Handbook., including:

  • IBUS2102 Cross-Cultural Management
  • IBUS3107 Business Negotiations
  • QBUS2350 Project Planning and Management
  • WORK2217 International Human Resource Management
  • WORK2219 Managing Organisational Sustainability
  • WORK2221 Orgnaisational Communication
  • WORK2222 Leadership in Organisations
  • WORK2227 Regulation at Work
  • WORK3922 Organisational Research Methods

Graduate opportunities

While the road to being a chief executive is a long one, majoring in management allows you to begin your career with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of effective management and some of its key skills.A manager needs to be a good leader who can accurately sum up a situation and make a decision, be effective at delegating, and be good at working with people.

Further study for major

Eligible students may apply for admission to an honours year in Work and Organisational Studies; or apply for admission to postgraduate study in the faculty. We offer a wide range of specialist master's degrees for graduates who want to gain specialised knowledge and skills. Our degrees have been developed in close consultation with industry to provide you with highly relevant and professional programs of study.

The Business School's active involvement in quality-assurance and accreditation activities has earned us the top international accreditations available to business schools worldwide and has enabled us to forge strategic alliances on a global scale. By choosing to study one of our accredited degree programs, you can be certain that the education you receive will be of the highest academic quality and will be recognised by the business community in Australia and around the world. Whatever your aspirations, our cutting-edge programs will help you to take your career in any direction you choose.

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