Agricultural Systems


The Bachelor of Environmental Systems is offered in two streams: Agricultural Systems and Natural Terrestrial Systems. Completion of one stream is a requirement of the course. You will complete a first year of core units of study spanning plant sciences, hydrology, geomorphology, soil science and atmospheric-biospheric interactions. Subsequently, the stream in Agricultural Systems considers aspects of agricultural genetics, the management of agroecosystems in developing countries, atmospheric processes and climate, and sustainable farming systems. Prior to selecting second year units of study, all candidates should seek advice from the degree coordinator on which stream to pursue.

Study plan

As a first year student in the Bachelor of Environmental Systems, you will complete 48 credit points (cp) of core junior units of study. In second year, you will complete a further 30cp of core units plus 18cp of electives in your stream, chosen from the pool in the Agricultural Systems table. Third year comprises 24cp of core units and 24cp from the pool of elective units offered in the stream. You may discuss your research and study opportunities for an honours year with the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, subject to meeting progression requirements in the degree.

Graduate opportunities

There is an enormous demand for graduates in the environmental science sector. Bachelor of Environmental Systems graduates may pursue careers in environmental consultancy, catchment management, climate change research, plant breeding, ecology, environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, production in natural and managed environments, soil science, land and water conservation and hydrology.

Further study for major

An honours year in Environmental Systems will be offered from 2013. The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment enjoys a prestigious international reputation for postgraduate study and research excellence at the University of Sydney. The faculty invites outstanding and suitably qualified graduates to express their interest in joining our postgraduate coursework program [] in the Master of Agriculture and our current research projects in the degrees of Master of Agricultural Economics, Master of Science in Agriculture, and Doctor of Philosophy [].

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