Art History


Art History covers a wide range of art practices including: painting, sculpture and architecture as well as film, photography and design. You will focus on gaining a historical understanding of art in its social context, as well as learning tools for visual analysis and crtiticism. European art history from the early Renaissance to the late 20th and 21st century is covered, with a focus on English, French and Italian visual arts. The department offers specialisations in modern, post-modern and contemporary art from Australia, the USA, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia. The study of Australian art includes indigenous painting and new media.

The honours year

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) year provides students who have qualified for, or been awarded, an undergraduate pass degree in the arts or humanities the opportunity to extend their potential in research. Students may continue to work in the area of their undergraduate study or undertake research in a different area. The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) focuses on establishing your individual research practise, further equipping you for employment or entry into the Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Workload and assessment

The Art History honours year comprises two semester-long units of study and a thesis of 15,000 -18,000 words in length. There is no mid-year intake for Art History Honours.
The thesis is worth 60% of the final honours mark and the two coursework units are worth 40%.

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