Australian Literature


Studying Australian Literature will introduce you to a comprehensive selection of the major texts, literary genres, historical periods, and critical debates fundamental to the study of Australian literature. You can also count up to three cross-listed units of study in your Australian Literature major, including all units offered by the Department of English and by the program in Australian Studies.

The honours year

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) year provides students who have qualified for, or been awarded, an undergraduate pass degree in the arts or humanities the opportunity to extend their potential in research. Students may continue to work in the area of their undergraduate study or undertake research in a different area.
The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) focuses on establishing your individual research practise, further equipping you for employment or entry into the Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Workload and assessment

As an Australian Literature honours candidate, you write a 15,000 word thesis, or undertake an editorial or bibliographic project of comparable scope. You will also take four coursework options, usually two in each semester. For each of these, you will attend a weekly 2 hour seminar. One of these may be substituted with a seminar from another honours program such as English. Each of these is worth 15% of your overall mark. Three of these are normally assessed by means of a long essay, the precise topic of which you develop in conjunction with the option coordinator.

In the March semester, you nominate one of your options to be assessed by your participation in the English/Australian literature honours conference. The conference is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a vibrant academic community. The paper you give at the conference is then written up and the marks divided 50/50 between oral presentation and final write-up.

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