Classics and Ancient History


A postgraduate specialisation in Classics and Ancient History offers you the opportunity to study the history, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome at the postgraduate level.

You will explore some of the most fascinating periods, places and texts of the Greco-Roman world from a range of perspectives, including their reception in the modern world. You can also pick up ancient Greek and/or Latin or improve you existing knowledge in the ancient languages.

Some of the units of study you will be studying in this degree include: Rome and the Politics of Space; Classical Texts in Translation; Supervised Reading I.

Study plan

Master of Arts Satisfactory completion of 8 units of study (48 credit points) (cp). A minimum 4 units of study in the subject area are required (24cp). Remaining units of study are chosen from the list of approved electives, or undertaken in a relevant or related field, subject to the approval of the academic coordinator. Candidates electing to undertake a dissertation (12cp) prepare a research proposal and discuss their topic with the academic coordinator prior to enrolling. Graduate Diploma in Arts Satisfactory completion of 6 units of study (36 credit points) (cp). A minimum 4 units of study in the subject area are required (24cp). Graduate Certificate in Arts Satisfactory completion of 4 units of study (24 credit points) (cp). All units of study are completed from the list of approved units of study.

Capstone specialisation

Eligible candidates undertaking the degree of Master of Arts have the option of completing a dissertation on an approved topic over two units of study, normally undertaken over two semesters, with a value of 12 credit points, under the supervision of an academic staff member.

Graduate opportunities

Sydney Master of Arts graduates hold an advanced learning qualification in their chosen specialisation that may qualify them for further study or research opportunities in the subject area, or enhance career opportunities with employers who value the outstanding analytical, communications, interpersonal and problem-solving skills of humanities and social sciences postgraduates.


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