Farming Systems


The continuing supply of quality food and fibre is the most fundamental need of all human societies across the globe. From the beginnings of human society, urban consumers have expected farmers to produce quality products at an affordable price. Commonly, the prices received by farmers are a fraction of the price paid by consumers. At times, these farm-gate prices are insufficient to allow the full costs of production (including environmental costs) to be met. Thus, the challenge of farming sustainably has always been difficult ? and it remains so.

Study plan

First year and second year students planning a specialisation in farming systems will complete intermediate prerequisite units of study in agricultural economics. Fourth year specialised study is undertaken in agricultural economics and agronomy.

Graduate opportunities

A focus on sustainable farming systems will equip you to better cope with the ever-changing demands of farming in the 21st century. The need for farming to be profitable whilst conserving and enhancing the natural resource base poses big challenges. There is an increasing need for graduates to have sensitivity to and knowledge of the challenges that exist in real farming situations and how these issues might be dealt with more sustainably.

Related subject areas

Agricultural economics, agronomy

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