The study of geography helps us develop an understanding of the processes that shape the surface of the earth and how humans use and interact with this environment. Geography endeavours to do what few sciences attempt: to create a holistic and integrated understanding of interactive complex environmental systems.

Through studies in geography, you will learn about the interactions between earth, environment and society. This involves consideration of such issues as climate change, population growth, hazards and environmental management.

The honours year

The School of Geosciences offers honours courses in geography and geology & geophysics. The honours year represents the bridge between undergraduate studies (which are content-driven) and postgraduate studies (which are research-driven).

During honours, you will undertake a major research project on a specialised topic in geosciences under the direction of a supervisor (and sometimes a co-supervisor), submit a thesis embodying the results of your investigation and undertake such coursework as may be presented. You can either develop your own research topic or become part of a larger research project already happening in the school.

Further details relating to geography or geology & geophysics honours are available from the honours coordinator.

Workload and assessment

In the honours course you will undertake formal coursework during your first semester and participate in seminars throughout the year as required. You will study original problems, work in the field, the laboratory, libraries, and in some instances in conjunction with other university or government departments. A dissertation of not more than 20,000 words will be completed during the second semester, followed by an examination that may include both written and oral work.

Honours projects

You are encouraged to discuss your proposed research topic with a supervisor prior to commencing the honours program. You can either develop your own topic, in conjunction with your supervisor, or seek to be incorporated within an existing research project that your supervisor is undertaking.

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