Germanic Studies


A major in Germanic Studies involves the study of both German language and culture including literature, film, history and society. All students, whether they come to the department as beginners in the language, with an HSC in German, or as background speakers, can complete a major in Germanic Studies.

You can begin German language studies at different entry levels from beginners to the advanced level. The exit level is aligned with the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (A1 – C2), which guarantees the international comparability and transferability of your language skills. German cultural studies include seminars on German literature, film, history and society from the 17th century to the present. Through these seminars, you can gain an in-depth understanding of German speaking countries and their culture. You can also participate in our exchange program with universities in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Freiburg, Constance and Bamberg as part of your major.

A German major combines well with any major in Arts and Social Sciences as well as with Law, Business and the Sciences. If you are not majoring in German, you can take German units as electives. If you have already completed your BA, you can still study German by taking the Diploma in Language Studies.

Graduates with German language skills and a good understanding of German culture and society can take advantage of opportunities both in Australia and overseas or may continue to Honours and Postgraduate Studies.

Major outline

A major in Germanic Studies requires at least 36 senior credit points including at least 6 credit points of culture units at 3000 level.

If you have completed Junior German 1 and 2 the department advises that of the 36 credit points required for the major, 24 credit points must be gained in language units of study. You must also include "Reading Comprehension and Text study" (GRMN2631) as part of your non-language units of study.

If you have completed Junior German 3 and 4 the department advises that of the 36 senior credit points required for your major, 18 must be from culture units of study.

If you have completed Junior German 5 and 6 the department advises that of the 36 senior credit points required for your major, 24 must be from culture units of study.

Graduate opportunities

Sydney Arts and Social Sciences graduates work in government departments at all levels, and major private sector consultancies and corporations, locally and overseas. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a range of subject areas that prepare graduates for careers in administration, education, business research, marketing, media, management consultancy, public relations, gallery and museum curatorship, hospitality and tourism, community and welfare. Our graduates are proficient in research and inquiry, and demonstrate personal and intellectual autonomy, and ethical, social and professional understanding, qualities sought after by leading employers all over the world.

Further study for major

Eligible candidates may proceed to an Honours year in the Bachelor of Arts, or apply for admission to a rich postgraduate program in the humanities and social sciences, comprising advanced learning and professional courses. Master degrees include capstone projects ranging from internships with government and non-government organisations in Australia and overseas, the gallery and museum sector, and leading media organisations, to opportunities for independent research projects which prepare students for higher degrees by research.

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