Information Systems


Information systems involves creating computer systems that satisfy individual and organisational needs. It encompasses issues such as strategic planning, system development, system implementation, network design and management, operational management, end-user needs and education. Rather than being about developing and enhancing the performance of computers, information systems is about making computer systems work for people.

The honours year

Honours in information systems provides graduates with the analytical and consulting skills for solving problems (or performing research) in a variety of areas in the IT sector.

The aim of the honours course is not to cover the full breadth of IT, but rather to introduce you to the cutting edge in selected areas of research and practice. It provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the research carried out by members of the school, as you will undertake an independent research project in a specialist area of information systems, under the supervision of an academic staff member who is expert in your selected area.

The school's research in information systems encompasses natural language processing, IT economics, social networking analysis, ontologies design, data mining and knowledge management and open source software.

Workload and assessment

In the honour year in information systems you will complete a research thesis, one core coursework unit, and 24cp of elective coursework, of which at least 18cp must be 5000-level. The units of study that are offered are closely aligned with the research groups within the school, and are taught with involvement from several staff members of the relevant group.

Honours projects

Honours projects in information systems [link] are undertaken with the direct supervision of a full-time member of the academic staff of the School of IT. The project is often closely connected with a research project already underway in the School.

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