Livestock Production


Population growth, rising income and urbanisation are the fundamental driving forces determining the development of modern livestock production. The study of livestock production highlights the connectivity of animals, plants, soil and water using scientific principles. You will learn how to understand and manage livestock production in changing environmental conditions, and integrate your knowledge of nutrition and cropping practices and apply them to management decision-making. In addition you will contrast new and traditional methods, assess natural resources management, and debate social and scientific views of animal production.

Study plan

First to third year students planning a specialisation in livestock production will complete an intermediate prerequisite unit of study in plant science (6 credit points) and a senior prerequisite unit of study in agronomy (6cp). Fourth year specialised study is undertaken at a senior level in crop and pasture agronomy, and livestock production systems.

Graduate opportunities

Livestock production graduates are dairy farm managers or owner/operators, dairy herdspersons, artificial insemination specialists, ranch hands, sale representatives for livestock-related supplies, government livestock and forage technicians, swine production assistants, poultry producers, and soils technicians.

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