Plant Pathology


Plant pathology encompasses the study of plant disease and the pathogens that limit agricultural and horticultural production. Plant pathology includes the aetiology of plant disease and symptom development, diagnosis of plant disease; the biology, epidemiology and management of fungi and other microbes that cause plant disease; breeding for disease resistance; plant-parasite relationships; and disease resistance in plants; evolution systematics, taxonomy and biology of fungi and their role as plant pathogens; plant disease epidemiology and understanding fungal populations; infection processes and plant defence.

Study plan

First to third year students planning a specialisation in plant pathology will complete an intermediate prerequisite unit of study in microbiology (6 credit points) and a senior prerequisite unit of study in either plant pathology or biology (6cp). Fourth year specialised study is undertaken at a senior level in plant pathology.

Graduate opportunities

A plant pathologist studies the effects of diseases harmful to crop growth and assists in developing methods to control them.

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