Studies in Religion


Studies in Religion provides open, serious, scholarly and critical study of religion, aiming to offer the broadest possible curriculum. Units of study covering Celtic and Germanic mythology, history of Christianity, meditation and other spiritual practices, the connections of religion with sexuality and consumer culture, the interface of religion with art and film, Buddhism and a range of new religious phenomena, are offered on a rotating cycle.

The honours year

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) year provides students who have qualified for, or been awarded, an undergraduate pass degree in the arts or humanities the opportunity to extend their potential in research. Students may continue to work in the area of their undergraduate study or undertake research in a different area.
The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) focuses on establishing your individual research practise, further equipping you for employment or entry into the Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Workload and assessment

The Studies in Religion Honours year comprises a thesis (approximately 20,000 words) and four 5,000 word essays. Candidates will take two coursework seminars writing two essays for each course, worth 40% of total mark) and write a thesis, worth 60% of the final mark.

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