China Studies

Level: Postgraduate coursework

China’s relationship to Australia and to the rest of the world is key to our global future. The Master of China Studies aims to produce a new generation of leaders equipped with a more holistic comprehension of Australia’s most important two-way trading partner, providing advanced and specialist training in the field of China Studies.

Designed for those with a keen interest in China who may not have previously studied this diverse country, our unique degree covers the breadth of China’s society and culture, as well as its history and development. You’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in a range of areas including business, health, history (ancient and modern), law, society, and politics. Students undertaking the Law specialisation may also be able to enrol in the Law School’s Winter and Summer off-shore programs in the cities of Shanghai and Wuhan, China.

As you gain a deeper appreciation of China Studies, you’ll acquire or improve your language skills. Another important element of the degree is its dissertation component. Native Chinese speakers will concentrate on improving their English language skills for an academic or professional setting.

Given the growing importance of China in most aspects of global interactions, employers in all areas of the economy are seeking employees with a more sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of China. Our degree serves this demand by providing you a more nuanced understanding of China, enabling you to work effectively in a variety of sectors and professions interacting with China.

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