International Trade Law and International Commercial Arbitration

Level: postgraduate coursework

International Trade Law provides a focus on a number of areas, in particular on the role played by the World Trade Organization (WTO). For instance, the legal importance of Annexes to WTO Agreement and the content of each with particular focus on:

imposition of discriminatory taxes and other measures impacting on imports;
anti-dumping/countervailing duties;
cross-border protection of intellectual property rights;
imposition of discriminatory technical barriers to trade;
customs valuation/tariff classification;
imposition of discriminatory health barriers to trade;
Free Trade Agreements – legality; scope; and remedies for breach;
Trade in services;

You will also examine key principles in the law of international commercial arbitration (ICA), including:
The arbitration agreement; the constitution of the arbitral tribunal; applicable law issues, including consideration of the law governing the arbitration, the role of the seat, and the role of national courts; procedure in international arbitration; the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal; the role of arbitral institutions; the arbitral award and challenges to the award; and recognition and enforcement of the award.

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