Project Leadership

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The Master of Project Leadership (MPL) is designed to challenge your understanding of project management and program leadership with its cutting-edge approach to innovation and critical complex thinking.

Leaders are vital in effecting organisational change. The MPL is a professional degree for experienced project managers and senior executives seeking to develop their critical complex
thinking and communication skills required for successful leadership at an organisational level.

An innovative and challenging program, it will develop your strategic thinking capability and broaden traditional concepts of leadership, management, governance, risk, resilience and sustainability.

The MPL looks at the skills required to establish and tailor sophisticated interdependent project frameworks, as well as exploring the cutting-edge concepts of open systems innovation,
dynamic social networks and design thinking.

Specifically, the MPL will broaden and strengthen the analytical skills necessary to articulate change and enable adaptation in today’s fast-changing global, political, technological and information environments.

You will be introduced to the major streams of leadership theory and how leadership relates to various aspects of organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

The program focuses on the significance of interpersonal skills to effective leadership, and demonstrates how you can apply the principles of emotional intelligence to influence and
manage the delivery of successful project outcomes.

Based on our unique complex systems approach, it offers an innovative way of treating projects as dynamic and adaptive systems. It also demonstrates how applying the principles of complexity thinking enables teams to manage large-scale initiatives successfully.

Through the application of a range of relevant models and theories, the MPL deepens your understanding of the dynamics of delivery, adaptation and change, and of managing the connected complexities of decision making and taking.

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