Archaeologists employ material culture to study our human past. A major in Archaeology will equip you with the intellectual and practical skills to gather, analyse and interpret primary archaeological evidence in order to answer questions about prehistoric and historic societies.

Study plan

A major in Archaeology requires 36 senior credit points from the unit of study table including ARCA2635 and at least 6 credit points at 3000 level.

Junior units of study (1000 level):
In these units you will first engage with a broad overview of the evolution of humans, both physical and social, and will then investigate the emergence of major civilisations of the Old World. You will learn how to use archaeological evidence as a tool to reconstruct the human past. No prior knowledge of archaeology or ancient history is assumed.

Progression to senior level units of study usually requires completion of two junior level units of study in Archaeology, but you may replace one of these with one of the following:

ANHS1600 Foundations for Ancient Greece
ANHS1601 Foundations for Ancient Rome
ANTH1001 Cultural Difference: An Introduction
ARHT1001 Art and Experience
HSTY1089 Australia: Conflict and Transformation

Senior-intermediate units of study (2000 level):
A major in Archaeology requires the completion of ARCA2635 Explanation and Theory in Archaeology. This compulsory unit will underpin your senior studies by introducing you to the main themes and approaches of enquiry that form the basis of archaeological study such as cultural systems, gender and ethnoarchaeology.

When choosing your 2000 level units, you should consider what balance you want between archaeological skills-based study (e.g., Field Methods, Digital Methods, Advanced Archaeology Practicum, Archaeological Principles and Practice), thematic Archaeology topics (e.g., Archaeology in Film, Global Dispersal of Humans, Mobility and the Sedentary Transition) and regionally specific units that include Asian, Australian, Classical and Middle Eastern Archaeology.

Senior-advanced units of study (3000 level):
To complete a major in Archaeology requires completion of at least six credit points at 3000 level. To enrol in 3000 level units, students must have completed at least 18 credit points at 2000 level including ARCA2635.

All students who fulfil the requirements for entry are encouraged to apply for honours.

Graduate opportunities

Sydney Arts and Social Sciences graduates work in government departments at all levels, and major private sector consultancies and corporations, locally and overseas. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a range of subject areas that prepare graduates for careers in administration, education, business research, marketing, media, management consultancy, public relations, gallery and museum curatorship, hospitality and tourism, community and welfare. Our graduates are proficient in research and inquiry, and demonstrate personal and intellectual autonomy, and ethical, social and professional understanding, qualities sought after by leading employers all over the world.

Further study for major

Eligible candidates may proceed to an Honours year in the Bachelor of Arts, or apply for admission to a rich postgraduate program in the humanities and social sciences, comprising advanced learning and professional courses. Master degrees include capstone projects ranging from internships with government and non-government organisations in Australia and overseas, the gallery and museum sector, and leading media organisations, to opportunities for independent research projects which prepare students for higher degrees by research.

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