Economics is a diverse, fascinating discipline that studies a wide range of issues that shape the broad framework of society – political, social and commercial. The School of Economics has a proud history as one of the most highly ranked centres in economics. This is reflected in our degrees, which promote a deep understanding of the key concepts of economics with a focus on contemporary issues of Australian and international importance. Our graduates are leaders in their fields – at the Reserve Bank, Treasury and other government departments, in global financial institutions, and with international agencies and NGOs. They also go on to further study at some of the finest institutions in the world.

The major in Econometrics is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics and related combined degrees, and to students enrolled in programs in the University of Sydney Business School. It focuses on the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to the analysis of social, financial, business and economic data, which is available in ever increasing quantity and complexity. It blends the essentials of economics with a balanced and rigorous training in modern econometric theory and associated empirical methods. This major is training for an area of high employer demand, with employers increasingly looking for graduates with highly sophisticated quantitative skills.

Study plan

For the award of a major in Econometrics students complete:

(i) two junior prerequisite units of study (12 credit points), as follows:

- ECMT1010 Business and Economic Statistics A (or BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis)
- ECMT1020 Business and Economic Statistics B#

(ii) two compulsory senior units of study (12 credit points), as follows:

- ECMT2150 Cross Section Econometrics
- ECMT2160 Time Series Econometrics

(iii) four senior elective units of study (24 credit points) selected from the following with a minimum of three at the 3000 level (18 credit points):

- ECMT2120 Analysis of Discrete Choice Data
- ECMT2130 Financial Econometrics*
- ECMT3120 Applied Econometrics
- ECMT3130 Forecasting for Economics and Business
- ECMT3150 The Econometrics of Financial Markets
- ECMT3160 Statistical Modelling
- ECMT3170 Computational Econometrics
- ECOS3903 Applied Microeconomics Honours**
- ECOS3904 Applied Macroeconomics Honours**

* Units can only be counted towards either an econometrics major or a financial economics major, not both

** Units can only be counted toward either an economics major or an econometrics major, not both

# BUSS1020 is a core unit for the Bachelor of Commerce and related degrees and substitutes for the junior prerequisite unit ECMT1010 for students enrolled in those courses.

Graduate opportunities

Graduates with a knowledge of econometrics are in high demand because this area focuses on how to specifically measure economic theory and justify decision-making. For example, studying econometrics allows focused analysis on real-world problems such as international trade policy, energy demand modelling and modelling of consumer choice.

Further study for major

Eligible students may apply for admission to an honours year in Econometrics; or apply for admission to postgraduate study in the Business School. We offer a wide range of specialist master's degrees for graduates who want to gain specialised knowledge and skills. Our degrees have been developed in close consultation with industry to provide you with highly relevant and professional programs of study. The faculty's active involvement in quality-assurance and accreditation activities has earned us the top international accreditations available to business schools worldwide and has enabled us to forge strategic alliances on a global scale. By choosing to study one of our accredited degree programs, you can be certain that the education you receive will be of the highest academic quality and will be recognised by the business community in Australia and around the world. Whatever your aspirations, our cutting-edge programs will help you to take your career in any direction you choose.

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