Computer Science


A major in computer science involves the study of computers and the programs that run on computers. If you are quite technically minded and wish to contribute to the future development and support of technology, a major in computer science will appeal to you.

Your major in computer science will be built on a foundation of computer programming, with a study of algorithms, data structures, networks and operating system internals. Throughout your studies, you will gain the crucial skills necessary to complete substantial software development projects.

You will graduate with a sound knowledge of languages such as Java, C, C++ and Python.

For more information on the program structure and content, view the Science Undergraduate Handbook.

Major outline

If you intend to complete a computer science major, it is essential that you complete at least 12 credit points of junior computer science units in your first year. These units will cover object-oriented computer programming using the JAVA programming language.

In second year there are four key topics: databases, programming in C and Unix, systems analysis and algorithms. To major in computer science you must complete at least two of these; however doing all four will allow a wider choice among subsequent subjects.

To successfully complete your computer science major, you need to take at least 24 credit points of senior computer science units. Depending on your interests and which prerequisites you have completed, you can take units in artificial intelligence, graphics, networking, programming, and operating systems.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Graphics and Multimedia
Software Development Project
Human-Computer Interaction
Algorithms and Complexity
Systems Analysis and Modelling
Introduction to IT Security
Data Communications and the Internet
E-Business Analysis and Design

Graduate opportunities

The careers followed by computer science graduates are very diverse, depending on which areas of the field you focus on in your higher years. However, all aspects can lead to well-paid and exciting careers, as computer science graduates have many opportunities for promotion. Computer science graduates often move into management roles after gaining experience in technical positions.

Further study for major

If you are thinking of furthering your study of computer science and are eligible, you might like to consider doing an honours year which involves research, or for a more structured approach to study, you may wish to apply for a postgraduate course in a computer science related area.

The Faculty of Engineering and IT offer honours projects in computer science related areas, and if you do well enough, you might like to take your specialisation even further by completing a postgraduate research program like the PhD.

Postgraduate coursework programs offer a more structured mode of study, and provide you with a qualification that is highly regarded in industry. You might like to consider a postgraduate course like the Master of IT or the Master of IT Management.

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