Design in Architecture

Level: Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture is focused on learning about design in the built environment. The program is structured around a required set of core units of study, with a choice of streams and elective units of study within and outside the faculty.

If you are interested in becoming a registered architect, you may pursue this pathway at the University of Sydney by enrolling in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and then progressing to the Master of Architecture. In order to gain entry to the master?s degree you will also need to complete the Architectural Experience Requirement (18 weeks of approved work experience or equivalent).

As an architecture student, you will learn to combine creative design with a breadth of technical knowledge. In the Bachelor of Design in Architecture you will complete studio work, which will allow you to explore aspects of the design process relating directly to the architectural profession. This will be supplemented by study in architectural history, theory, communications and technologies, with the opportunity to complete electives in order to pursue more specialised study.

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