Level: Undegraduate

The Economics program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the overall context of business and government, and the high-level technical skills to analyse economic and social data and events. It will equip you to develop economic and social policy, and provides key capabilities for those who want to work in fields such as financial markets, business, banking, and consulting in both the private and public sectors.

The specialist program will provide you with an excellent grounding in economic theory and business statistics and will allow you to complete a major in economics or the more statistically based econometrics or financial economics. You can also combine your study with majors in any area of arts and social sciences, majors from within the University of Sydney Business School or choose to study a major or elective from one of the many faculties throughout the University.

Central to the strength of economics at the University of Sydney is the large undergraduate honours program and its two key elements: an applied economics focus and expert training in economic theory and econometrics.

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