Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software)

Level: Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Engineering (Software) will prepare you for a role as a senior software engineer, development manager, applications programmer, analyst, consultant or software innovator.
From the evolving Internet, to the growth of mobile, handheld and embedded devices, the critical need for engineers who can build our virtual world gets greater by the day. Your course of study will address all aspects of software production, from strategy and design to coding, quality and management. Technically, it is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to conceiving, designing, implementing and operating software.
The Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) can be combined with the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical Science or Laws, allowing you to take a multidisciplinary approach to your studies and graduate with two qualifications.
As a Sydney graduate engineer, you will be accredited by Engineers Australia and recognised internationally through the Washington Accord.

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