Movement Science


You may choose to complement the core major in health sciences with a second major in movement science. The major introduces key concepts in: the structure and function of body systems and the biomechanics of human movement; neuroscience, motor control and learning; functional musculoskeletal anatomy; and the fundamentals of exercise physiology and exercise science.

Study plan

In addition to completing requirements for the core major in health sciences, you will complete units of study in movement science comprising 30 credit points (cp) in second year and 18cp in third year.

Course accreditation

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Graduate opportunities

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Further study for major

The movement science major qualifies you for admission to master's courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences, subject to meeting eligibility criteria, including the postgraduate award in exercise physiology. Outstanding students are eligible for admission to an additional honours year comprising 48 credit points of prescribed units of study including research and writing toward a thesis or research report in movement science. Honours is your pathway to a higher degree by research in the health sciences. The groundbreaking research conducted by our faculty members has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact on the health and quality of life of local, national and global communities.

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