Bachelor of Laws (Combined Law)

Level: Undergraduate

Combined Law at Sydney allows you to study the Bachelor of Laws in conjunction with another degree. It works by spreading out the first year of the Bachelor of Laws over three years in another degree. You will enrol with one of our partner faculties for the first three years (or four years for engineering or media and communications) and then transfer to the Sydney Law School at the completion of your other degree to finish the last two years of your law studies. The following combinations are possible: Arts/Law; Arts (Media and Communications)/Law; Commerce/Law; Economics/Law; Engineering/Law; Information Technologies/Law; International and Global Studies/Law; Political, Economic and Social Sciences/Law; and Science/Law. Each combination is five years in duration, with the exception of Arts (Media & Communications)/Law and Engineering/Law, which are both six years in duration. Our Combined Law program satisfies the academic requirements for your admission as a legal practitioner in New South Wales and, depending on the studies undertaken in your other bachelor degree, opens the door to legal careers in myriad government and non government roles. If you already hold a bachelor degree in any discipline, and you're considering graduate law, please see our Juris Doctor program [link].

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