Soil Science


Soil is one of our greatest natural resources. Soil science encompasses how soil forms, its role in the environment, land conservation and rehabilitation issues. Soil science is a multi-disciplinary subject combining aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and the integrative themes of pedology (the science of natural soils) and geomorphology (the study of the physical features of the Earth's surface).

Study plan

First year students planning a major or specialisation in soil science will complete two junior prerequisite units of study in chemistry (12 credit points). Second year students are introduced to rural environmental chemistry and soil properties and processes. Third year specialised study is undertaken at a senior level in soil science.

Graduate opportunities

Soil scientists are employed in a wide range of occupations in public and private enterprises, working in basic and applied research in land and soil management. Graduates are employed in state departments of agriculture, the CSIRO , the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, Sydney Water, the Department of Planning, chemical companies, landcare groups and in the private sector in environmental consultancies.

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