Level: Postgraduate coursework

The Sydney Bioethics program provides a comprehensive overview of the field of bioethics through interdisciplinary coursework at postgraduate level.

Core units cover philosophical, sociological, and legal approaches to bioethics. Students can also pursue areas of special interest in bioethics, such as biotechnology, clinical ethics, research ethics, public health ethics, health law and mental health ethics.

The program provides a stimulating and diverse environment for learning. The academics are all active researchers with backgrounds in medicine, health law, philosophy, sociology and public health, and the program attracts students from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds across the health professions, the health sciences, and the humanities and social sciences.

Students can choose to enrol in a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or a master's degree. Our flexible study program also allows you to start at the graduate certificate level and proceed to the master's degree.

Courses are offered in a variety of formats to suit students who have other demands on their time. All units of study are offered both on campus and via distance learning.

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