Level: Undergraduate

The Sydney Engineering program is designed to produce graduates with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of technology and science as well as the skills to lead innovation and shape the future.

If you study Engineering you’ll develop your skills of analysis and invention so you can effectively design, create and build structures, systems and products that have impact to the community.
Right now, Engineers work to develop a greener recycling system, create sustainable energy alternatives and design artificial joints and limbs, among other things. Some of our first-year students are involved with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Australia in international humanitarian projects, and a team of our honours students developed a miniature aircraft that can fly itself.

That’s right – engineering is not just about building bridges.
Our diverse degree options cover robotics, steel structures, space, power, energy technologies, sustainability and high- performance computing, medical imaging, tissue engineering and much more.

On entry students select from a range of specialist streams, or can elect to undertake a generic program that allows them to discover all the possibilities before committing to a specialisation.

Engineering specialisations are:
Aeronautical (Space)
Chemical & Biomolecular
Civil (Construction Management)
Civil (Environmental)
Civil (Geotechnical)
Civil (Structural)
Electrical (Computer)
Electrical (Power)
Electrical (Telecommunications)
Mechanical (Space)
Mechatronics (Space)

The generic program is Flexible First Year.

Students might even choose to broaden their career options even more, by combining your engineering degree with studies in architecture, arts, commerce, law, medical science, project management or science.

However you choose to structure it, your degree will offer you versatility and diversity – one day you might be crunching data from robot trials or testing chemical sprays in a lab, and the next day putting your ideas into practice in a paddock in rural NSW. On graduation you will be accredited by Engineers Australia as a graduate Engineer, and be recognised to work both in Australia and overseas in a variety of roles. our options will be endless.

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