Environmental Science and Sustainability

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The sustainability of our global environment is the greatest challenge facing 21st century natural, social and political science. Sydney's premier postgraduate program in sustainability, environmental science, and its relationship with the law offers a suite of provocative, cutting edge courses including the Master of Sustainability, Master of Science in Environmental Science, and Master of Environmental Science and Law.

Courses in this program range from entry-level graduate certificates featuring core studies in environmental law, policy and legal reasoning, to advanced learning master's degrees including the opportunity to undertake an independent environmental research project under the supervision of one of our expert academic staff members.

The program investigates key issues in biodiversity, land and water sustainability, renewable energy, energy conservation, carbon capture and emission management, sustainable building design, urban planning, public health and well-being, economic development, triple bottom line analysis, and environmental, national and international treaty law.

Courses available in this area