Facilities Management

Level: Postgraduate coursework

Every organisation uses buildings of some sort and their occupation requires recurrent resources for rent, cleaning, energy, water, security, and more, which can actually amount to more over time than the capital cost of developing the buildings in the first place. Facility managers look after the infrastructure of business and have the responsibility of ensuring that the premises of their employers assist them in fulfilling their core business objectives, retain their capital value through appropriate maintenance as well as obtain value from their day-to-day operating costs.
The Facilities Management program recognises that the facilities manager requires an understanding of business finance and management information as well as the technical areas of buildings. Emphasis is placed on understanding the strategic objectives of an organisation and the way that facilities contribute towards their realisation. The program would be suited to candidates who are currently involved in the management of business premises, or who wish to make a transition into this growing industry.
Successful completion of the Master of Facilities Management will qualify you for corporate membership of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) as a Chartered Building Professional, subject to the required practical experience.