Infection and Immunity

Level: Postgraduate coursework

Infectious diseases are found all over the world and in many cases present life-threatening risks to humans. As well as increasing resistance to antibiotics, the recurrence of known pathogens and the spread of new ones make infectious diseases a challenge for science.
Sydney Medical School?s postgraduate program in infection and immunity analyses the fundamental mechanisms of infectious diseases to find improved ways of combating them. The program covers a broad range of topics with a focus on understanding the functions of bacteria and viral genes, the mechanisms of viral and bacterial persistence, the immune control of viral and bacterial infections, and the mechanisms involved in the generation and regulation of immune responses.

The program also provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of a research career and is offered at graduate certificate, graduate diploma and masters' degree level. The Master of Medicine (Infection and Immunity) is open to applicants who hold a medical qualification (MBBS). The Master of Science in Medicine (Infection and Immunity) is open to applicants who hold a non-medical qualification. The two master's degrees offer the same course of study.

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