Level: Postgraduate coursework

Sydney Law School's postgraduate program in jurisprudence provides a graduate qualification in legal thought and theory, including the philosophy of law and the sociological theory of law. The subject matter covers law in the context of human thought and the history of ideas as well as law in its social, cultural and political context.

The focus is on the general principles of law, its operation and function in society and comparatively across history, cultures and nations. While Australian law is used as a reference point for discussion and comparison, the units are generally not concerned with Australian or English common law but with law as a social and cultural phenomenon together with its function and effects.

The program is supported by the Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence [link]. The Institute serves as a focus for theoretical scholarship in Australia, continuing Sydney Law School's strong leadership in this field, and recognises, honours and celebrates Stone?s outstanding contribution to legal scholarship.

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