Master of Commerce

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The Sydney Master of Commerce (MCom) will equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge required for a high-level position in industry, business and government. Whether your background is in business or in some other field such as arts, engineering or science the MCom is the ideal degree to either fast-track your current career or take it in a new direction entirely. The program provides foundational business knowledge and then allows you to develop a specific focus in an area that most interests you. Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney Business School has been enhanced to offer you:
- Integrated learning in the key areas of business
- Greater flexibility
- Advanced specialisation
- Real-world experience

After completing your choice of foundation units, which are designed to give you a breadth of knowledge, the program allows you to choose one or two advanced areas of specialisation. In addition, the new capstone unit of study provide you with an integrated learning experience. This units is designed to consolidate your learning and teach you how to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world business problems. High-performing students may also be able to take their study one step further by completing an internship and/or a supervised research project. Whatever your goals, the highly flexible Master of Commerce program will advance your career in virtually any field.

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