International Security Studies

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The International Security program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills relevant to understanding both traditional and emerging security challenges, drawing on a wide range of disciplinary fields including defence, international relations, strategic studies, political science, economics, environmental studies, law, business, public health, biology, and demography.

International security traverses a complex and frequently interconnected set of issues that have great salience for the world in which we live. They range from the causes and consequences of war between states to ethnic, religious and ideological conflicts, as well as threats to human security and the stability of states from environmental degradation, infectious diseases, climate change and the activities of non-state actors.

The programs focus not only on strategic thinking and analysis, regional and country knowledge, but also on helping students develop the professional and specialist skills that will strategically position them in the employment market. Our graduates are well-equipped for careers in: diplomacy, defence, intelligence, the military, government, business, consulting, journalism, humanitarian and non-governmental work.

The Asia-Pacific focus of the programs makes them particularly appropriate for students with an interest in the region, from within Australia and around the world.

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