Master of Management (CEMS)

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The Sydney Master of Management (CEMS) is a pre-experience program designed to provide students who are fluent in a second language, with the opportunity to go one step further with their management education through the CEMS component of the degree. CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education – is a highly prestigious alliance of leaders in business and higher education and offers the number one ranked (by the Financial Times in 2009), Master of International Management (MIM) program. We are the only Business School in Australia to offer this program and are also the only Australian business school as a member of CEMS.

As part of this program you will spend at least one semester at a CEMS University where you will undertake a business projects with a leading international companies as well as completing an international internship. As a CEMS student you will have unique exposure to the business world while developing sound interpersonal and leadership skills. In turn, CEMS graduates are eagerly sought by leading multination corporations. Upon completion of this program students will graduate with two degrees:

  • Master of Management from the University of Sydney

  • CEMS Masters in International Management from CEMS

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