Public Administration

Level: Postgraduate coursework

The Public Administration program at Graduate School of Government (GSG) provides a practical educational experience to enhance existing skills for senior public servants. It is a degree relevant to all senior public sector employees.

The Public Administration course is designed for senior public servants of national, state, provincial and local governments and provides a practical educational experience to enhance existing skills. The program gives public servants knowledge and skills enhancement in public administration that will allow graduates to transfer skills from one agency/ministry to another.

Academic units of study are complemented by practical skills enhancement through the Work Based Project / Internship Project, Mentoring Program and Leadership Development Assessment (LDA). Each student is matched with a mentor, who will usually be a current or former senior public administrator, politician, member of the judiciary, or leader from civil society or the private sector who provides general career and development advice. The LDA is a development tool that provides students with personal information that assists them to improve their performance and achieve development goals.

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