Level: Undergraduate coursework, Postgraduate coursework

Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat people with movement problems caused by a wide variety of joint, muscle and nerve disorders. They use a range of drug-free techniques to treat and prevent injuries, and assist their clients to maintain fit and healthy bodies.

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession, and you will have a vast array of career paths to consider upon graduation. In addition to the high-profile sports side of the occupation, physiotherapists also practise in roles that contribute significantly to the wider community. For instance, physiotherapy is applied in the management of a wide variety of conditions, including neurological illness such as stroke and Parkinson's disease, movement disorders in children, rehabilitation after major injury, and recovery following surgery and childbirth. It also plays a central role in the management and prevention of chronic conditions such as asthma.

Our physiotherapy program comprises a bachelor degree and a professional, graduate entry master's degree. The program incorporates extensive clinical and professional fieldwork opportunities, providing hands-on experience with real clients in a supervised environment. This allows you to combine the academic components of the course with the practical abilities required of your profession, and gain a deeper understanding of its place in the contemporary health system.

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