Level: Undergraduate

The undergraduate Psychology program forms an ideal base for students wishing to pursue registration as a clinical psychologist, and offers study in a wide range of specialist psychology areas. At the University of Sydney, it is possible to study a full major in Psychology: Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies), and Bachelor of Health Sciences.

This specialist four-year Bachelor of Psychology course is comprised of three years of undergraduate coursework study, and an honours year. This course is ideal if you have a strong interest in all aspects of psychology and have decided on psychology as a career.

In your undergraduate coursework studies in the Bachelor of Psychology, you enrol in either the science stream or the arts stream, depending on where your interests lie. The psychology subjects you study are identical for both streams. Areas of study in this course include behavioural neuroscience, social psychology, personality theory, perception, intelligence, abnormal psychology, an developmental psychology, among others.

Your fourth year is an honours year, where you will be able to undertake a research project in a specialised area of psychology.

After graduating you will have the necessary qualification for entry into all professional psychology programs that qualify you to become a clinical psychologist. You will also have the training necessary for work in areas such as research, teaching, human resource management and various social policy areas in the private and public sectors.

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