Qualitative Health Research

Level: Postgraduate coursework

Qualitative research is becoming increasingly popular in health-related fields including medicine, public health, nursing, allied health, dentistry and health policy. Qualitative health research can assist policymakers, clinicians, health promotion professionals and consumers to understand the perspectives people bring to their health, the values people hold, and the actions people take. Qualitative researchers observe people as they go about their usual activities, interview people, conduct focus groups and examine documents and images. They systematically analyse the resulting data to gain a better understanding of issues as they arise in the ordinary social world.

Qualitative researchers spend their time in conversation, interpretation and writing more than in calculation. For proficient communicators who love language and ideas, qualitative research offers a demanding but extremely rewarding career, grounded in textual rather than statistical analysis. The Qualitative Health Research program at Sydney Medical School is available at graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master's degree level.

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