Biology is the study of life, ranging from molecules and their modes of action, through to understanding complex communities and their relationship with the environment. We are living in a most exciting time for studying and working in biology as new technologies, such as recombinant DNA, genomics and proteomics, place powerful tools in the hands of biologists. These advances, along with our ability to process and interpret large volumes of complex data, have generated a gigantic leap in our understanding of the fundamental molecular mechanisms and processes controlling life.

The honours year

The honours course in biology gives you the chance to refine your biological knowledge by doing real research under the guidance of some of the most highly respected scientists in Australia. During the honours year, you will design and conduct an independent research project in a specialised area of biology, and your research will culminate in a thesis. You will also complete advanced course material and be guided through your project by an academic supervisor who is expert in your chosen research area. You will find that throughout your honours year, the knowledge you gained from your first three years studying biology will be further developed, and you will be introduced to a wider field of biology and biological techniques.

Honours research opportunities exist in areas such as social insect behaviour and genetics, plant development genetics, fish population ecology, molecular genetics, molecular ecology and more.

Workload and assessment

The biology honours year comprises a research project in which you will investigate a problem and present oral and written accounts of your research; a coursework unit BIOL4015 Scientific Research in Biology; and instruction in experimental design, and other technical training.

The degree will be awarded on the basis of written assignments from coursework units and marks awarded for a thesis on the subject of the project.

Honours projects

There are exciting honours projects on offer in various fields of biology normally as part of larger research projects being undertaken by our academic staff.

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