Sydney’s Discipline of Finance is a leading research group currently ranked among the top five finance groups in the Asia–Pacific region. Discipline members are actively engaged with industry both nationally and internationally, which means you get high-level, market-specific knowledge that mixes theory with current relevant practice. This major takes an applied approach, teaching you how capital markets work and what you need to know to work in them.

Finance focuses on understanding the financial decisions of corporations and individuals, as well as the structure and operations of financial institutions and financial markets.

Understanding the finance function is critical to the success of all corporations and helps inform decisions about what to invest in, what products to produce and how to finance the operations of the corporation.

The honours year

An honours degree in finance from the University of Sydney is a very prestigious and highly sought after qualification. The Finance honours program was introduced in 1996. Since this time, the Discipline of Finance has graduated over 150 honours graduates. This elite group of alumni have gone on to excellent graduate positions within leading investment banks, investment management, private equity firms and other financial services organisations. A number of these students have also undertaken PhDs in Finance.

Workload and assessment

The Finance honours program includes: a coursework component comprising 4 units of study (Research Methods; Econometrics; Advanced Corporate Finance; and Market Microstructure) and a thesis.

Students work on their thesis over the whole year, although a significant component of the work is completed in semester 2. The thesis is an extended piece of research in a specific area of finance. The thesis should be written in the format of an academic journal article, but with a more extensive literature review. The thesis is written under the direct supervision of an academic, whose role is to guide the topic selection, assist in the formulation of the research hypotheses and execution of the research and to ensure the overall direction of the research. Students are also expected to attend the weekly Discipline of Finance seminars.

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