Speech Pathology

Level: Undergraduate coursework, Postgraduate coursework

Speech pathologists work with children and adults with communication difficulties, including problems with speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, voice problems and stuttering. They also work with children and adults who have swallowing difficulties or need alternative ways to communicate.

Our speech pathology program comprises a bachelor degree and a professional, graduate entry master's degree.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) will prepare you to assess and treat people who have a communication disability, including difficulties with speaking, using and understanding language, voice, fluency, hearing, reading and writing.

The Master of Speech Language Pathology is intended for graduates who hold a PhD, master's or bachelor’s degree in a relevant area. The curriculum is designed to enable you to learn in a way that resembles the clinical practice of speech language pathology, and incorporates case-based learning and clinical placements to help you acquire the skills necessary to qualify and practise as a speech pathologist in Australia.

Extensive clinical placements are undertaken in both the public and private sectors. This allows you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of your chosen career path and its place in the contemporary health system.

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