Propulsion (AERO3261)


This UoS teaches the students the techniques used to propel aircraft. The students will learn to analyse various propulsion systems in use - propellers, gas turbines, etc.

The topics covered include:

Propulsion unit requirements for subsonic and supersonic flight; thrust components, efficiencies, additive drag of intakes. Piston engine components and operation. Propeller theory. Operation, components and cycle analysis of gas turbine engines; turbojets; turbofans; turboprops; ramjets. Components: compressor; fan; burner; turbine; nozzle. Efficiency of components; Off-design considerations. Future directions; minimisation of noise and pollution; scram-jets; hybrid engines.

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Lecture 1 hr/week; Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (55%) and Final Exam (45%)

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AMME2200 or (AMME2261 and AMME2262)

Assumed knowledge

Good knowledge of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics

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