Aerospace Design 2 (AERO3465)


This unit aims to develop an understanding of the aerospace industry procedures for design, analysis, and testing of aircraft and aerospace vehicle components. It provides a Design-Build-Test experience by putting into practice, learning outcomes from this and other previously completed UoS, through working on a small structure which is representative of a typical light metal aircraft. Students will be introduced to typical metallic and composite materials and structures for aerospace vehicles. The unit also provides an introduction to fatigue and damaged tolerance analysis of metallic aircraft structures. Experiential learning opportunities are provided to acquire skills and knowledge in structural design, analyses, testing methods, procedures, techniques, and equipment.
On satisfactory completion of this unit students will have gained practical skills relevant to working on typical modern aircraft and aerospace vehicle components. They will learn from methods, techniques, and experiences from the modern aerospace industry. Experiential learning is enhanced through verifying analyses with actual testing of fabricated component, and the experience of a full design-build-test cycle of a typical aerospace structural component. Subject areas covered will include design methods, internal loads calculations, stress analysis, design for manufacture, joints and fasteners, test procedures, fatigue and damage tolerance, composites, and the art of design.

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AMME2301 and MECH2400

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AERO1400 and AMME2302.

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