Space Engineering 2 (AERO3760)


This unit of study aims to provide students with a learning environment that promotes systems thinking and allows students to develop skills in systems analysis and design. In particular the unit will focus on Aerospace systems, and students will develop both theoretical and practical skills in the area of systems engineering for this discipline. The primary objective is to develop fundamental systems engineering and systems thinking skills. At the end of this unit students will be able to: define the requirements process and be able to apply it to aerospace systems design; conduct requirements analysis for an aerospace system and to drill down through requirements breakdown and the use of the V-diagram in this analysis; conduct functional and technical analysis and determine design drivers in a system; manage the use of a log book and its application in engineering design; develop technical skills in the design and development of satellite subsystems; conduct appropriate interaction processes between team members for the successful achievement of goals. Course content will include fundamentals of systems engineering; satellite subsystems; systems design.

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Lectures, Practical Experience


Through semester assessment (100%)

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Students must have a 65% average in (AMME2500 AND AMME2261 AND AMME2301 AND AERO2705) OR (AMME2500 AND AMME2301 ANDMTRX2700 AND AERO2705). Note: MUST have passed AERO2705

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