Space Engineering 3 (AERO4701)


This unit of study aims to teach students the fundamental principles and methods of designing solutions to optimal estimation and control problems in aerospace engineering applications. Students will apply learned techniques in optimal estimation and control theory to solving a wide range of different problems in engineering such as satellite orbit determination, satellite attitude determination, satellite positioning systems and remote sensing, optimal flight control, and orbit transfers. Students will learn to recognize and appreciate the coupling between the different elements within an estimation and control task, from a systems-theoretic perspective.

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Students must have a 65% average in (AERO3460 AND AERO3360 AND AERO3560 AND AERO3760) OR (MECH3660 AND MECH3261 AND MECH3361 AND AERO3760) OR (MECH3660 AND AMME3500 AND MTRX3700 AND AERO3760) Note: MUST have passed AERO3760

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