Space Engineering Project 3 (AERO4711)


This unit of study is for those students who have completed Space Engineering Projects 2, and who wish to formalise their design into the launch phase. Students who take this subject would be interested in manufacturing the final sub-system for a real satellite or launch vehicle. This unit allows students to develop a deeper appreciation for the complexities of designing and building space sub-systems, and provide an opportunity for the actual launch of the sub-system. Launch of the sub-system will be dependent on the current opportunities existing with international collaborators.

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Meeting 2 hrs/week; Project Work - own time 6 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)


Wertz and Larson/Space Mission Analaysis and Design//

Faculty/department permission required?


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Assumed knowledge

Completed the first three years of Aero(Space), Mechanical(Space) or Mechatronic(Space) Engineering.

Additional Information

Note1: A WAM of > 75% is required as well as departmental permission from the Space Engineering coordinator.

Note2: There is a cap on the number of students allowed to do this subject in any one semester - depending on resources available.

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